Ex-Mormon Info for the UK

Facebook communities for doubters, including a UK Focused one. You can also E-Mail (cityworker314 A.T. gmail .dot com) us and we can put you in touch with people who can help.


If you are having questions about the church, considering a break, or even leaving, the best advice I can say is TAKE IT SLOW!. Faith transition can be hard, and complicated, its best done with a friend. Reach out to the communities mentioned on this page, e-mail me (address above). Most of all, only do what you are comfortable with, there are thousands of us who have walked this path, and come out better for it.

If you are thinking of joining the church please do your research and make an informed choice, the CES Letter is a good overview of the other side of the story the missionaries and members will tell you.

People are finding the Community of Christ as a safe place to go as a transition from the LDS church, I am not a member, but I know many who have found it a heathly and good place. Check out their UK Website, and also the Latter Day Seekers page, which is specifically there to help LDS people heal.

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